Thursday, February 18, 2016

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpreting
This is the interpreting mode that’s most frequently called for nowadays: the interpreter sits in an interpreting booth, hears what the speaker is saying via headphones, and interprets this simultaneously into a microphone. The advantages of simultaneous interpreting are evident: no time is lost as the original speech and the interpreting are to be heard practically at the same time. Depending on the duration of the conference, an interpreter team consists of 2 to 3 interpreters.

The most effective mode of communication at multilingual meetings
No time is lost due to interpreting
Virtually no restriction on the numbers of listeners
Allows interpreting into and from several languages
No constraints, neither for the listeners nor the speakers
Fields of use:
Conferences, symposia, seminars
Congresses with an international audience
TV interviews

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